Chelsea-Rose Mandizha

Princess Of The World UK

Name: Chelsea-Rose Mandizha


Age: 17


Height: 5'5


Bust/Cup: 28


Waist: 23


Hips: 30


Shoe Size: 5


Eye Colour: brown


Hair Colour/Length: Brown/Shoulder



100 Metre Sprint Black History Teen Ambassador



To become a Fashiion Journalist and own my own magazine also to be a UN ambassador


Hobbies & Interests

Modelling Pageants Dancing and Acting


Why should you be Princess of the World UK 2011:

i think i should be princess of the world Uk because although i'm Not Born Here I was Raised in Britain for the Lat 12 years and Have never been More proud to call it my second Home i care about this country and its people,The Homeless and the Unwell. I would be perfect because of that but not only that i think pageants are my way of life thet alone make me feel like a princess and the centre of attention and i use to the least popular of girls because i wasnt the typical Swan but ive grown to love my self for who i am and make girls understand who they are cannot be defined by another human being


How would you use the title of Princess of the World UK 2011:

I would use this title because of my recent experience in life i felt Ugly and Insecure and was bullied but i entered a pageant because one person felt i was beautiful and i trusted them and i was happy that i could have someone like that so first, i would Create Awarness of this across The UK and make people see that girls need to feel beautiful inside out i would use my title to start sessions where girls meet and learn about pageants, Host more Pageants in the Uk More outer towns that arent mapped out and Create a world where girls not only think and see But Start To believe how beautiful they are by just having one person tell them they are. Then Raise awareness of Bullying and Deceases My Home country Struggle with a Cholera threat and many peopl have died from Deseases. And many have also commited suicide because of Bullying