Chloe King

Princess Of The World UK

Name: Chloe King


Age: 17


Height: 5'9 inch


Bust/Cup: 34 B


Waist: 26 inch


Hips: 34 inch


Shoe Size: 5


Eye Colour: hazel


Hair Colour/Length: light brown/long



Studied B-Tech national diploma in Fashion Design at UCA, gaining an unconditional place at the University for the Creative Arts, which I am proud of. Entered Miss Teen Queen UK last year, where I there entered Miss Charity Queen and raised money for MADventure charity by hosting a fashion were I created my own garments and auctioned them after. Within this event, my role was organising everything from auditioning models to finding sponsors to sponsor food and drink etc. Aswell as helping this charity, I also involved the public and promoted local artists and musicians by showcasing them in my fashion show.


Previous Experience:

Previously, I've entered a variety of competions which include Miss Princess of the world UK 2010, Miss Teen Queen, where I won the title Miss Fresh Face Queen 2010. I've also modelled for Sky one as the title model for 'Promzillas' which was very exhilarating. Not only this, in 2010, I attended Britains Next Top Model Live Show, where I was scouted to go up on the catwalk infront various agencies, this led on to me being filmed for the advertisement of this years live show. In addition to this, I've modelled for Posh Frocks, which is an evening wear company and we will be shooting in Paris this year too.



My main ambition in life is to be successful and happy persuing a career in womens wear fashion design. Hopefully this will open doors withing the world travelling, which I hope to help alot of charities in 3rd world countries, which is a big passion. I also wish to become a sucessful model, I think this will be helpful within my fashion career also.


Hobbies & Interests - Please mention if you have a talent:

One of my main hobbies is exercising, I enjoy keeping my physically appearance up to standards which I'm pleased with, this involves swimming on a regular bases, yoga and jogging. I also love to enter pageants, where in previous experiences I've made some friends for life and met some brilliant people which I'm still in contact with now. Within my interests, I like to play guitar aswell as sing and attempt to compose my own songs. Im very interested in my surroundings, whats going on not only in our own country but world wide, I'd like to one day see how my actions can help.


Why should you be Princess of the World UK 2011:

I think I should be Princess of the World UK 2011 because I believe I am a good role model for the younger generation. Helping others less fortunate then myself is a very sincere passion I have, and becoming Princess of the World, I believe this can help me extend my voice.


How would you use the title of Princess of the World UK 2011:

I would use this title to get my voice heard about serious situations in todays world including health issues amongst young women, bodily abuse such as anorexia, bulimia and obesity, the things that most people ignore and turn the other cheek to, these issues couldnt necessarily be overcome by myself but could hopefully be more noticed and focused on.