Jessica Keown

Name: Jessica Keown


Age: 16





Bust/Cup: 34D


Waist: 25


Hips: 34


Shoe Size: 7


Eye Colour: Blue


Hair Colour/Length: Brown shoulder length



I have had some Acheivements including finals of miss Earth 2010, one Music video shoot with Giant music, my first photo shoot in london and i also got short listed to the final interviews for UKTopModel for Londons fashion week. This year my lastest opportunity was taking part in Miss Galaxy finals 2010/11. When i was younger I performed tap and jazz dance at Edinburghs Kings theatre. Last year I also earned Merit grade 1 for alto saxophone.



I would love to be something on the creative side like a photographer,interior designer but most of all something to do with pageantry or modeling. Travelling the world has always been something that I'd like to do as I love learning about different cultures. Enjoy every opportunity life offers and explore the world!


Hobbies & Interests

From a young age I have done tap and jazz dancing and this has helped me gain a lot of confidence. I love to cook with my mum as it lets my creative mind flare. Shopping and having a laugh with my friends is also good and sometimes I just like to relax playing my saxophone, drawing, listening to music, painting and experimenting with my camera.


Why should you be Princess of the World UK 2011:

I think I should be Princess of the World because I would love to be part of the pageant world, being a role model for people to realise that if they have a goal in life they can achieve it if they put there heart and soul into there dream. I have a few talents including tap,jazz dance,saxophone and designing. It would help me break into new grounds in modeling and pageantry. If i was Princess of the World UK I would do my family and friends proud and I could achieve some of my ideas on how to use the title.


How would you use the title of Princess of the World UK 2011:

If I was Princess of the World I would use the title to help let people know the true meaning to Pageants and the modeling world, that the people are not just all about looks but also have amazing talents and visions for the future. I would love to help some charities, do appearances raising awarness to subjects like animal cruelty,poverty, global warning. Hopfully the title will bring me more confidence to go further in the beauty world and become a good role model.

Princess Of The World UK