Maria Namiiro

Name: Maria Namiiro


Age: 22


Height: 5/5


Bust/Cup: 32D


Waist: 24


Hips: 26


Shoe Size: 6


Eye Colour: BLACK


Hair Colour/Length: chin length



I am currently working as a good will ambassador for the following organisations, the Latitude Care Network, Read International, and the Ganda Foundation. On behalf of the LCN, i have been involved actively in the building of a community centre at Uganda Gulu for children. On behalf of Read International, I have helped to distribute 25000 text books to 20 different schools. On behalf of the Ganda Foundation, i have been actively involved in raising funds for their 3 main projects, Kawolo hospital, Lugazi community primary school, and Mulago hospital.


Previous Experience:

Miss African Beauty Miss East Africa Miss Uganda UK Miss World



I would like to work as cabin crew for one of the international companies such as Virgin and have the opportunity to travel the world. In the future i would like to meet and marry the man of my dreams and have four children my first born being twins. I hope to enjoy with my future family a long, happy and healthy life. i hope to continue to use my enthusiastic personality to bring smiles to the faces of people and to touch their hearts leaving a lasting impression of happiness.


Hobbies & Interests

I regularly attend my local gym to maintain a good level of fitness. I am a keen pillion rider on motorcycles and would one day like to pass my test and own a motorcycle. i am a enthusiastic cook and always experimenting to improve my cooking skills. i have an interest in fashion and beauty. i like nearly all forms of music and enjoy the cinema, traveling, wining and dining, and socialising with my friends.


Why should you be Princess of the World UK 2011:

I think i should be Princess of the World because I would use all my experience and youthful enthusiasm to represent The Princess of the World UK, with grace, charm, elegance, beauty, and charisma. I would make the Princess of the World UK proud in the way that i would represent them humbly and with honour fulfilling all duties required to the very best of my abilities.


How would you use the title of Princess of the World UK 2011:

I would like to use the experience i have gained from the projects i have undertaken so far. To continue my role as ambassador and to become ambassador for new worthy causes. Which in itself will promote and highlight The Princess of the World UK.

Princess Of The World UK


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