Sarah Wells

Princess Of The World UK

Name: Sarah Wells


Age: 23


Height: 5ft 11


Bust/Cup: 34 C


Waist: 26


Hips: 34


Shoe Size: 7


Eye Colour: Brown


Hair Colour/Length:

blonde/l ong



I have a degree in Politics with Media Studies which I studied at Loughborough University and I'm currently studying for a Masters in Broadcast Journalism at Staffordshire University. I have achieved awards in ballroom and Latin American dancing. I have also gained ABRSM awards in piano, clarinet and violin and won a number of art prizes. I was also University Rag Representative for my halls at Loughborough university and helped raise a lot of money for different charities by organising events and getting involved in fund raising activities.



My main ambition is to become a TV news journalist. I am currently studying for a Masters degree in broadcast journalism which I hope will enable me to break into this very competitive industry. Winning the Miss Princess of the World title would mean a great deal to me and if I am successful I would maximise this opportunity and spend the year in a very productive way.


Hobbies & Interests

I feel my talents lie in the creative arts. I have alway enjoyed dancing, acting and presenting along with sketching and painting and playing musical instruments. I work for several large companies which include Selfridges & Co face painting children when I can get the time! I also have modelled for various multi national companies. Modelling has enabled me to visit some fantastic places and work with and meet some fabulous people. Working at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in Dubai was an experience I will never forget.


Why should you be Princess of the World UK 2011:

I think I am a bubbly, friendly and pro-active girl. I believe I am a genuine and caring person and I always try and serve others needs before my own. I have achieved alot and I always put my all into everything I do, if I were to be Princess of the World UK I would do the UK proud and use my title in the most proactive way possible.


How would you use the title of Princess of the World UK 2011:

I would use it in as many ways as possible. I have strong beliefs in many things. I want to care for our planet and push recycling and lowering carbon emissions. I also feel very strongly about bullying. I would put my title into good use by aiming to help these issues and any others.