Tanya Walker

Princess Of The World UK

Name: Tanya Walker


Age: 25


Height: 5'9"


Bust/Cup: 32B


Waist: 26


Hips: 31


Shoe Size: 6/7


Eye Colour: Blue


Hair Colour/Length: Natural blonde - Long



Legal Secretary Diploma 1 A Level, 5 AS Levels and 10 G.C.S.E's grade A-C Qualified in spray tanning and body massage Passing the probation period at the RSPCA



To travel around the world experiencing all the different countries and cultures. To volunteer on an animal welfare project in Africa and to help make a difference to the mistreated animals and their habitats in the UK and around the world.


Hobbies & Interests

Trampoling, horse riding, walking my dogs and keeping fit. Volunteering at my local RSPCA once a week.


Why should you be Princess of the World UK 2011:

I feel I would make a great ambassador for Kent and the UK by always being professional, friendly and approachable. I would be honoured to represent my country and as I am already involved in charity work you know I would work hard with any charity if I did win. I would also work hard to be a great role model for other girls in the UK.


How would you use the title of Princess of the World UK 2011:

I would use my title to help support as many charities as I can as I believe this is very important and I would hope to make people aware of what differences they can make by supporting charities. I would try and organise charity events to raise awareness and money for different charities and get as much press coverage to support the events. I would also love to encourage girls from the UK to follow their dream and enter this pageant.

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